Symbiotic Frameworks to expand fracture knowledge and simulation capacities

FitSimm a new Kind of consulting and softwares provider company

FITSIMM is a new software and consulting company, which was built out of the following observations:

  1. Long known in-situ complexity of hydraulic induced fractures needs to be accounted for if one expects to achieve optimization fracturing designs during field development, continuously in need of economic efficiency (See HFTS projects)
  2. Current fracturing models are inadequate in predicting potential complex geometries, very important when assessing shadowing, re-fracture, parent-child interference, well and stage spacing, as well as overall design parameters, important for conformance studies, thus improving recovery factors.
  3. Classical geomechanical approaches are computationally inefficient, unable to handle the number of natural fracture found at the field scale (sometimes high densities), and complicated to use in classical coupling to reservoir models
  4. Reservoir models also call for complex physics, more or less integrated in dual-porosity representations, inadequate for unconventional reservoirs, pushing approximations which are hard to calibrate.
  5. DFN models, more accurate for the description of fractures in unconventional reservoirs, are rarely integrated to reservoir modelsnot offering both complex geometry description and geomechanical deformation under stress at the scale of an SRV created by the stimulation.
  6. The next reservoir simulator generation, under the double pressure to integrate more and more of the physical effects at play and the use an ever increasing number of cells – especially for discrete fracture models – needs to offer non-invasive, non- disturbing  solutions, which adapt to already existing modeling platforms.

We think that the simulation “space” of different companies, whether “simple or complicated”, should be augmented by “external” modules capacities, thus offering additional options to industry standards.

To be trustworthy, proof is required :thus our POP offer

To our knowledge, our augmented capacities are new and therefore can’t be easily benchmarked. Thus during the development process « Proof of Pertinence & Proof Of Concept working your datasets are provided.


We are a France based starting company (created in 2019 ). Our business is to perform integrated reservoir studies for (fractured/unconventional) reservoirs using our R&D modular software tools (HDS), improving and developing new capacities for reservoir engineers. The  methodology under development addresses more specifically the problem of fracture complexity and its calibration using Well-Tests, which in turn should affect significantly field development (ex. Stage – well optimization, any re-fracturing or EOR). Owing to numerical advances and representative data analysis, any company using HDS pluggins can assess the impact of this new “heterogeneity”.

Matthieu Delorme

Reservoir engineer with 15 years of experience spent in studying fractured reservoirs (characterization, well-testing, modeling and software development), my research has been implemented in the fractured reservoir characterization software FRACAFLOW.

As fractured reservoir R&D project manager, I have performed numerous advanced studies about tight (fractured) reservoir, overseeing development efforts and required software architecture.